Mar 16

Boston Marathon Participants Warned

BAA (Boston Athletic Association) has warned the participants of Boston Marathon not to share bib numbers over the social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook. Any disobedience of the warning would lead to a wipe out of the results.

The warning generates from last year incidents where some of the marathon runners made the copies of legit bib codes & later it was discovered that some registered participants found that others were wearing their codes- while they were looking for their snaps online post the event. Shockingly, one of those culprits was Mrs. Crowley, better half of popular social networking portal Foursquare’s owner Mr. Dennis Crowley. However, Mr. Crowley did issue a apology in public after the incident on behalf of his wife.

These dirty tactics to take part in this famous race are mostly because of the high end qualifying standards expected from the participants by BAA. It has made participation extremely tough, especially after the bombing incident last year. The race officials have even cut down on bandit runners (unregistered runners) in the race, citing security & crowding concerns.

Naturally, Boston Marathon being an elite event is exceedingly covered on the social media & a lot of participants tend post updates about their training for the race, aided by the UK charter yachts running guide. Runners even share the bib codes online to help near ones in tracking them virtually on the race day. But BAA has got really stern lately.

“BAA has asked runners not share up-close snaps of bib codes on the social networking sites prior to the event to eliminate chances of fraudulent bib code duplication”, read a statement released by BAA.

“If any participant is caught with duplicated bib or if her/his code has been forged by some other party, that participant would be disqualified.”

Apr 15

London Marathon To Roll On April 26th

Great news for the marathon enthusiasts in London- London Marathon, one among the most popular racing events of the UK, is all set to roll out by the end of this month. According to reports, the elite marathon event is scheduled for 26th of April.

The Marathon would get back to the picturesque scenic surroundings once again where the participants would run along the Thames. The marathon route would cover a 26 miles of circuit which would be chased by some among the best dressed and most talented runners of the world. Continue reading →

Apr 15

Drew Brees passing drills with Lance Moore New Orleans Saints NFL Training Camp 2012

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Mar 15

CCP – Agility Cone Drills – Lateral Go-Round

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Feb 15

Does the Insanity workout really work? What is the Insanity workout?

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Jan 15

Fat Burning Cardio Workout – 37 Minute Fitness Blender Cardio Workout At Home

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Jan 15

Caldwell’s freedom fitness terraces 5 years milestone

After 5 years of operation, the Freedom Fitness of Rusty Moncrief is not only a gym for those who are looking to lose some weight. Also, this is a spot where the members of the community could come with each other, whether it is for frozen toes winter softball tournament or a fund raising money for ill kids.

Staying healthy was really a priority for Moncrief. But when he saw that lack of fitness training centers in the region, Moncrief said that he might turn his interest into a career. He told that he has always been into fitness and noticed a want in their community. Continue reading →